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Big Square Peg is a cacophony of timeless toys, curious creatures and whimsical what-nots.

Located in Lindfield, on Sydney's North Shore, every one-of-a-kind treasure from Big Square Peg is carefully handcrafted and lovingly handmade.

Sasha Avery

For me, Big Square Peg is all about passion and connection.

I am of those annoying people who knows exactly what it is she loves to do. I know where my passion lies. I know what buoys my spirit - I love making things! I love making all things, but specifically I love sewing toys and curious, crazy creatures.

When I'm sewing I feel connected to my Grandma, who taught me how to sew and encouraged me to be brave and bold and fearless.

Making toys connects me to my children, with their spectacular imaginations and their unfailing belief that I can sew anything!  ( although I'm STILL trying to make a Llama that will get the approval of my youngest!!).

When I make creatures, I am connected to my own inner child, who is unpredictable. She can be soft and vulnerable or loud and demanding, especially when she’s not getting enough attention!.

As a motherI have a whole new appreciation for toys that are handmade and lasting. Every one of my creations is individual and has been thoughtfully made with heart and with soul.

This is what I hope shines through......

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